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Here at ebikes wirral, we stock only what we believe to be the best available Folding Electric Ebike, for quality, features, benefits, and cost. So we stock just One bike:

The MiRiDER One

Trevor Williams - Proprietor

Old enough to know what a good deal is, young enough to want to get out and about on a FUN electric folding bike! Wirral born and bred, has lived in Oxton for 40 years. Used to play golf regularly at a middling level and now likes to play guitar regularly, at a middling level. Established the 5-Star reviewed T Williams Car Sales in 1982. Commited to offering others what he would expect himself.


Proprietor, Trevor Williams:

"Like me, you might have a hardly-used full size bike in the shed. I wanted a FOLDABLE bike now that I could take to wherever I wanted to go and have FUN on it. But it also had to be a 21st-Century ELECTRIC bike, with 'optional' power-assistance. And for me, it had to be a UK built e-bike, with local back up.

I soon ruled out the sub-£1000 offerings: Either 'Conventional' electric folding bikes, looking like my nana's shopping bike, cut up and a battery stuck on. Or, cheaply made from the Far East, sold on-line only, with zero reputation or warranty or back up. Then mostly nothing else attractive and modern, purpose built with warranty, until the £3000 mark upwards. Then I found the MiRiDER.....

At not much more money than the undesirable cheap offerings, and every bit as good as and or better than the £3000+ offerings. On a light-weight purpose-made Magnesium Alloy frame with rear suspension, and hand-assembled in the UK with high-end quality battery, motor, brakes, wheels, trim, and waterproofed electrics. From a credible, committed, UK, well established business and with 2 year warranty. One test ride later, and I was SOLD.

As proprietor of T Williams Car Sales, I've been serving the Wirral (with 5-Star reviews) for 40 years. I liked this bike so much, I decided there and then I wanted to be the Wirral stockist, for exclusively this, and no other e-bike. There is currently no other folding electric bike worth considering in my opinion, for quality and price. And I want to offer local interested buyers the opportunity to come and trial it before buying it."

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